The Top Surf Accessories Every Surfer Should Have

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There is great passion involved when it comes to surfing. The freedom each wave provides is not something that can be explained easily. However, without the right gear, this amazing experience wouldn’t be complete. 

On previous surfing adventures, you’ve probably encountered a whole range of surfing accessories. So, you might already be familiar with them. And while there are many accessories to choose from, below are a few that are crucial to the whole surfing experience. 




Ask any serious surfer, and they will let you know that skin, sand, and wax do not mix. With that in mind, to protect your skin against any abrasions or rashes, wetsuits are your default, essential surfing option.

 As you can imagine, when purchasing a wetsuit, you must ensure the fit is perfect, so you can properly enjoy the overall surfing experience. Check the wetsuit cut carefully and remember that air pockets are not an option as this suit should fit like a second skin. If you have air pockets the wetsuit will get filled with water, which in return will cool you off too quickly and weigh you down which not only feels uncomfortable and annoying but could be a hazard as well.

 Plus, as wetsuits tend to be 100% neoprene i.e. memory foam, is it recommended that you try wetsuits from reputable stores. That way you’ll get a better idea of what you’re looking for and what feels good to the skin. And that is very important because wetsuits also keep the body at a stable temperature in cold waters as well as provide protection against the rash.  



A jammer is another surf accessory we recommend you have around for weekend surfing or for competitions. They are usually made of lycra/spandex or nylon, but they can also be fabricated from polyester or neoprene.

With a form-fitting design aimed at reducing water resistance, jammers are a great way to enjoy not just swimming and surfing, but other water activities as well, like kayaking, paddle boarding, snorkeling, et.


Rash vests

Rash vests, also known as rashies or rash guards, resemble a close-fitting, thin shirt. As it is made of quick-drying synthetic material, UV rays are blocked, plus is usage in or around water does not affect this capacity. As rash vests are perfect for water sports, they provide protection not only against harmful UV rays but also keep your skin safe from abrasions created by sand or hard surfaces.

No matter if you surf professionally or just for the adrenaline rush, if you aim to spend any time near water, a rash vest will be an essential gear piece. You will be protected from the elements, plus you will have extra fun throughout the whole surfing process. After all, there are plenty of surfers who wear rash vests under their wetsuits. This provides them with an extended protective layer against possible board friction.



Interestingly enough, while not always mentioned, t-shirts are also another essential part of surf accessorizing. Professional surfers commonly wear polyester sports shirts, aiming to protect themselves from the sun’s heat.

But even if you are not a professional, let's go with the very simple reason. Spending a lot of time on the water fully exposes your body to the sun. Your skin must be protected at all times, as skin damage is not something you should take lightly.

And some people enjoy these surfer shirts for the comfort factor. Wearing a t-shirt is a great way to show off your unique style (or your sponsor’s logo if you surf professionally) while staying comfortably cool on a hot day. Moreover, t-shirts are the logical go-to for surfers who hang out on the beach after the sun goes down or even venture elsewhere with friends after a long day of surfing–considering that a rash guard is not the most comfortable piece of clothing when you’re outside of the water for a long time. 



Another must-have is a towel, but surfers don’t just use any old type of towel. It has to be absorbent because otherwise, what’s the point of carrying one around? At the same time, it has to dry quickly and not be so bulky that it’s hard to pack. Plus, surfers’ towels, like the t-shirts, have to possess a certain aesthetic. You can opt for patterns, logos, and bright colors–whatever suits your vibe. Also, keep in mind that they also serve the purpose of having something to sit on as you’re watching for the next wave. 


Surfing is a phenomenal sport that many people can enjoy. And no matter if you have been riding waves for years, or you are just starting out. To make your experience more enjoyable, surf accessories will always be the perfect missing piece. Having the proper gear that fits comfortably will make your experience something worth remembering.

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